Saturday, 17 November 2012

Slept in today. Wasted time and wasted dreams. I dreamt of zombies. Not nightmares, or at least the traditional kind. The thing that tru;y scares me about zombies is that anxiety they bring, easy to deal with but requiring constant vigilance. So exhausting. I should just let myself get eaten and stop trying to secure the perimeter.

Rainy, shit weather. Weather so bad you can't find solace inside or out. Time-wasting weather where you play video games you do not really enjoy, where you hang around your family but you do not do anything intimate with each other.

Horribly upset at work. Angry at bosses who have fucked me around all week. so hurt and upset if anybody had spoken to me i would have cracked up. Walked around with an inane smile on myself for the customers. And then, after talking, i felt better. I felt good. I walked out of work with a smile on my face and my problems feeling negligible.

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