Monday, 28 January 2013

Picture it and Write

My contribution to Picture it and Write. These are good fun! some people come up with some amazing things...

Hidden in the crevasses of time, far away from where the reaches of the material world can fathom, is a haloed place reserved for lovers. Each has their own, reserved for them forever before they even existed. Out of the folds of darkness they find a sanctuary for what they feel, in a warm womb of protection they can remain forever enveloped and undisturbed.'

Why does this plane exist? Because love is a divine gift lent to man, a gift far too sweet and noble for our crass race. As mercy dropeth like rain, so does love, yet ever rarer. And when man is able to not just bear it but let it flourish, a beauty is created that is far too pure for the material world. So away  from the cruel extinguishments of time, the polluted lives of man and adulterated emotions we hold, away from all this, that Love is allowed to exist. Exist independently and alone, peaceful and infinite in the Lovers Pool.

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