Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The sea in my dreams

The sea is a regular feature in my dreams, along with malfunctioning toilets. Even though I had not dreamt of the sea last night, my 750 turned to describing what the sea is like in my dreams anyway. This is an excerpt:

Ahh my dreams of the bach how beautiful they are. Of wild waves and tumultuous surf, encroaching upon the house. Waves too big for me to deal with, pulls too strong and rips too gripping. But still I am not afraid! The sea is an artists palette, dark blue and light blue with branches of purple and several little stars that have come down from the sky have found a home in my sea. It is a much more alive thing in my dreams. It is like the sea is sleeping, dormant but I have seen it awake and angry and upset. Pieces of wood and seaweed and rubbish are thrown away then retrieved and it sucks. And what do you find in the water? Fish and people and whales and all sorts. The other week I saw a golden whale. Bright-pikachu yellow, it was a blubbery thing. Taken out of the water it looked liked gold woo woo grub, but submerged it was a golden magical fruit. The waves themselves are the real attraction though, never what they contain. Ain't that the way. I go down to the waves, walking my normal maybe 100 metres to the water. But once in, the waves roar! The begin to reach and and the pull not just back into itself because the tide is going out, but side to side as if it is arguing with itself. And we are tossed and thrown amongst the waves! They grow and they grow, once the water reaches further up the beach, the waves come next and the roll and smash, over the grasses that finish the beach. The water is so that we are carried up the hill, to the road. Watching from the bach it is a tremendous sight. It does not look like a natural occurrence. Oh no, it looks like Poseidon raging or the sea raging. It looks angry but not vengeful, more upset and expressive. Each wave crash is a morose moannnnnn. 

Ahh my sea. All this from a dream I have not had recently. I told you it was alive. Some seas seem tame, like the oft visited, like Mission Bay. I bet one day they will rise up and strike and scream for what they want. And wail and rock from side to side like a wronged toddler.  Some dreams we sit watching the waves as they approach knowing that they will get to the house but not really frightened that the house will not hold. Just don't go downstairs for a while haha. One dream was quite different; perhaps the sea was more aggressive this time, for I saw us safely driving away as the waves got closer.

The sea in my dreams is so beautiful, I might have to try draw it. I will post my attempt.

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