Monday, 7 January 2013


Write down your brief writing plan for 2013 (you can expand on it later). Then imagine you have achieved it, and write a few sentences on how this will make you feel. You can keep this with you through the year and read it in moments when you’re feeling stuck and uninspired.

My plan:
1. Every day wake and a vomit my mind at 750 words. Calm my dreams and give them a release in this space.
2. Write for 15 minutes every day while I drink my morning beverage. This I so far have been able to do. Shall make thirty minutes!

If I could do this for a year, oh my god I could forgive myself for not wasting my time or betraying my childhood dreams. I love to be able to move past the stage where writing isn't like exercise, something I must commit time to daily, but part of my natural. An instinct not a habit. Even as I write this, there is the quiet terror: "What if I do this for a year, and produce nothing good?" Mustn't think of such things. Looking at the pages and pages I have made should be satisfaction enough.

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